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 Purchase Tenders


Service Description

Enables SASO’s Vendors to view tenders and acquire Project RFQs

How to use

  1. Visit the Government Electronic Procurement Portal www.
  2. Search for SASO’s Tenders
  3. View the tenders information
  4. Submit a request to purchase a tender documents
  5. Pay via Sadad payment system
  6. Once the payment is received the vendor will be notified by the system and email notification and an invoice will be generated
  7. The vendor can download the tender documents from the system
  8. In case there are hardcopy documentations that are unavailable online, printout the invoice and visit the specified location to receive the hardcopies
  9. When submitting the proposal you shall print a colored version of the RFQ and include the invoice with the proposal
  10. In case there were any modifications or amendments to the RFQ the vendors will be notified
  11. Proposals shall be submitted to SASO in a sealed envelope 
  12. Once the tenders opening is concluded the vendors will receive an electronic report via the system
  13. Electronic tendering and proposal submission will be implemented in the near future 
  14. Once the proposal evaluation procedure is concluded the winning vendor will be notified electronically.
  15. **The submission of the proposal will be automated in the future 
    ** Work in progress to automate this step

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