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 Steering Committee of Monitoring and Alert for Unsafe Products

      A committee chaired by the Deputy Governor for Conformity and Quality, composed of members from the relevant national authorities and the private sector to develop appropriate strategies to monitor and analyze incidents and risks resulting from non-food and pharmaceutical products, and mechanisms to use these information in the development of outputs to benefit the legislative and regulatory authorities to raise the level of safety and confidence in Saudi Market.

The Committee Comprises Members from Eight National Authorities:
  • - Ministry of Commerce and Investment;
  • - Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources;
  • - Ministry of Health;
  • - Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs;
  • - Ministry of Interior, represented by the General Directorate of Civil Defense and the General Directorate of Traffic;
  • - Saudi Customs;
  • - Consumer Protection Association;
  • - "Najm" Company, from the private sector.
11/20/2019 9:13 AM