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 SASO Achievements

SASO has achieved many achievements in the various fields of standardization, quality, metrology, calibration, and many other fields including :

First: Saudi Standards : 
The number of approved Saudi Standards has reached more than 28708 standards.
• The number of approved Gulf standards is (10599),  (8767) of which were adopted from Saudi standards.
• The number of approved Arab standards is (9247),  (5426) of which were adopted from Saudi standards.
• More than 500 projects about standards that will be adopted from international standards.  
• About 300 projects related to standards are under preparation.  

Second: Quality Mark : 
The number of factories licensed to use the quality mark so far is about 266 factories from inside and outside the Kingdom including factories from Gulf countries,  The Arab Republic of Egypt, Jordan, China, India, Thailand and Taiwan.
Third: Accredited Laboratories :
 The number of accredited laboratories is 94. 

Fourth: Exporting Certificates :
The number of companies and factories which SASO has granted their products certificates of validity for human consumption and for export reasons is 362.

Fifth: Analyzed Samples : 
The total number of the samples analyzed in quality control laboratories and calibrations done in calibration laboratories has reached (292478). About (132765) reports were made about them.
3/13/2017 12:00 PM