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 Saudi National Electrotechnical Committee


Saudi National Electrotechnical Committee (SNEC)

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia joined the International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) membership on 1418 H (1998 G).

As any county that wants to participate in the IEC’s activities should form its Electrotechnical Committee named as “Electrotechnical National Committee”, Electrical and Electronic products department in Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) is considered as a “Saudi National Electrotechnical Committee (SNEC)”; thus it has dealt internationally on this basis.

SASO Board of Directors approved in their meeting number 122 dated 15-9-1427 H (8-10-2006 G) establishment of the proposed organization of SNEC, to be subsidiary to SASO; hence the Consultancy Committee for SNEC has been formed.

Committee’s Goals

The committee represents the national interests in the IEC activities and prepares way sand means that ensure accomplishment of coordination, cooperation and integration between the committee members in all fields related to these activities by achieving the following goals:

1- Improve the Saudi electrical standard specifications qualitatively and quantifiably.

2- Influence IEC activities positively to serve the KSA national interests.

3- Promote the national industrial position against the groupings of international industries after the KSA has joined the World Trading Organization (WTO)

4- Unit and organize the common efforts of the committee members and invest the same to achieve the unified national standard specifications fulfilling the interests of all the parties.

5- Coordinate the working programs between the committee members in the electrotechnical standardization activities in order to bring into agreement their common interests and eliminate duplication and conflict of interests among them.

6- Activate practical mechanisms to comply with & enforce the application of the national standard specifications in the electrotechnical field.

7- Endeavour to make coordination between the committee members from the legislative, executive and consumer parties to take advantage of the international conformance verification programs operated by the international commission.

8- Participate effectively and positively in the regional domain (at the Arab and Gulf states) in the electrotechnical standardization field and activities which serve the common interests of the local members and counterparts in the Arab and Gulf states.

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