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 Way to Verify the Conformity of Imported Cars


Procedure :

 1. Receiving conformity verification request: Once the request is received, the person responsible for receiving requests, whether in SASO or in the branch, registers the request and makes sure of completing the required information.

2. Implementing the client's request.

3. Inspecting the car: - upon receipt of the car inspection request (after the customer pays the costs of the car inspection and enters the necessary information, according to what is shown on the site and signboards in inspection units).

     The Vehicle inspection technician  makes sure of the payment status and accuracy of data entered in the system, after comparing that data with the car data and the attached data.

4. After confirming having received the payment and conforming the validity of the data, the specialized technician makes the inspection and inquires about the car's safety through these sites ( ) and ( ) (special for US and Canadian cars).

5. Once the inspection is completed, the specialized technician enters the inspection result in the system, prints the vehicle inspection certificate, reviews it, and then submits it to the Director of inspection.

6. When the Inspection Unit Manager receives the certificate, he reviews it, approves it, signs it and puts the protection poster. Afterwards, it is delivered to the client.​

11/26/2015 9:28 AM