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 Certificates of Conformity Regulation


Article 3 of SASO by-laws issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M/10 dated 03/03/1392H, states that SASO is empowered to lay down rules for granting Certificates of Conformity and Quality Marks and to organize the issuance and rights of use of such certificates and marks. The use of the mark is optional. 
Article 12 of the same by-laws stipulates that SASO Board of Directors is responsible for all SASO affairs and policies and for taking all necessary steps to enable best performance of its responsibilities. In this regard, the Board has the right to lay down the policies and rules for SASO technical, financial, and administrative aspects, and to issue regulations and decisions for their execution. Financial regulations are issued by agreement with the Ministry of Finance. 

Article (1): Definitions 

The terms stated in part (1) of SASO technical work manual (Standardization and related activities – General terms) with observing the following definitions for the purpose of this regulation: 
1.SASO: Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization. 
2.Product: The final product to which this regulation will be applied. 
3.Organization: Any factory or production unit producing the product or any agency distributing it. 
4.Certificate of Conformity: A document issued by SASO confirming that the product to which the Certificate refers conforms to the relevant technical regulations or standards. 
5.Consignment: A specified batch of production of a product for export, import or domestic use. 

Article (2): Scope of Application and Liability for Violations 

This regulation is applicable to the organization applying to SASO to obtain a certificate stating conformity for a fixed consignment of a certain product according to relevant technical regulations or standards. 
The organization shall be fully responsible for violations of this regulation without any responsibility on the part of SASO in this regard. SASO has the right to take necessary measures in case of any violations. 

Article (3): Conditions of Granting a Certificate of Conformity 

The Certificate of Conformity shall be granted in case of meeting the following: 
1.Availability of a relevant technical regulation or a standard relating to the product. 
2.The organization shall submit to SASO a separate application for each consignment meeting all the required information according to the forms prepared by SASO and the organization shall give assurance of the validity of all information provided by it. 
3.The organization shall supply SASO with any additional information required on the product and facilitate drawing samples required for testing. 
4.The organization pays SASO the costs described in Article (5) of this regulation. 

Article (4): Procedures for Granting a Certificate of Conformity 

The following procedures shall be performed by SASO to grant a Certificate of Conformity: 
1.Revising the application and data provided by the organization. 
2.Taking representative samples from the consignment to be inspected and tested according to relevant technical regulations or standards then preparing a report of this. 
3.Carrying out required tests on drawn samples in accordance with relevant Saudi technical regulations or standards. 
4.Checking the results of inspection and test and comparing them with related technical regulations or standards. Then preparing a report of this. 
5.Granting the Certificate to the organization if the product samples conform to the relevant technical regulations or standards. 
6.In case of non-conformity, SASO shall inform the organization in writing, giving the reasons. 

Article (5): Costs 

Actual costs are calculated for the following services: 
1.Fees of receiving and studying the forms submitted by the organization which had been prepared by SASO for this purpose. 
2.Expenses such as tickets, transport, travelling expenses and others relating to technicians and inspectors in charge of inspection operations. 
3.Expenses of transporting and inspection of drawn samples from the organization or market to Labs. Designated by SASO. 
4.Costs for the examination and testing of samples at SASO Labs. 
5.Fees for issuing additional copies of the Certificate whether in Arabic or in English. 

Article (6): The Mutual Recognition

SASO shall sign mutual recognition agreements in the field of Conformity Certificates with the other countries through similar organizations and authorities especially with standardization bodies. 

Article (7): General Rules
1.The Certificate of Conformity is applicable only to the consignment specified in details in it and it shall not be used for any other consignments. 
2.Validity of the Certificate expires on the date specified in it. 
3.SASO has the right to request any Certificates or reports for results of tests performed during production stage of the product for which Conformity Certificate is requested, when available at the organization. 
4.SASO has the right to retain some samples drawn from the consignment. 
5.An organization holding a Certificate of Conformity does not have the right to advertise it, before referring to SASO and obtaining its approval on the advertisement wording. 
6.In case the Certificate is used or advertised by any of advertisement means without obtaining SASO’s consent, or the Certificate is Fabricated, Penalties Listed in the Commercial Fraud Control will be applied without prejudice to penalties mentioned in any other regulation. 
7.SASO studies the complaints submitted by consumers concerning the products granted the Certificate of Conformity and checks its authenticity. 
8.SASO shall keep a register of all complaints, disputes and corrective actions, and shall take suitable measures to solve such complaints and disputes with documentation of the action taken. 
9.SASO reserves the right to interpret this Regulation without involving any other party. 

7/26/2016 8:19 AM