Standards' issuing and approval

​​Stages of Issuing and Approving Sa​​udi Standards

First: work method when developing and approving optional Saudi standards:

  1. The preliminary draft of the standard is developed in consistency with method and style of the style approach of Saudi standards, which is mainly derived from the international approach applied by the International Organization for Standardization (IEC Guid 21-1: 2005) / ISO) for the adoption of international standards.
  2. This draft is announced by all possible means (SASO's website, some national newspapers, requesting consultations from government bodies, chambers of commerce and industry, and related companies and factories, etc.).
  3. SASO gives the relevant bodies a period of time of (60) days to study draft standards and provide comments and consultations.
  4. SASO takes into consideration as far as possible the comments received on the draft of the standard during the period of receiving comments, provided that the comments received on the draft are answered if the concerned body requests that. After adding comments, the draft is distributed again for a period of time with the possibility of addressing bodies who expressed their consultations about the draft with the view of SASO regarding these consultations, in addition to inviting specialists at those bodies to visit SASO, if possible, to discuss and clarify justifications.
  5. Approval by SASO's Board of Directors is after submitting the draft of the standard to the committees emanating from SASO's Board of Directors for discussion. In case of acceptance, the draft is presented to SASO's Board of Directors for approval.
  6. Publishing the optional Saudi standards in the Official Gazette (Umm Al-Qura).
  7. SASO informs the government bodies and chambers of commerce and industry in the Kingdom of the approved Saudi standards.

    Second: mandatory Saudi standards (Saudi technical regulations):

    The following shall be taken into consideration when developing and adopting Saudi mandatory standards issued by SASO:
  1. Relevant international standards are used if they are provided as a basis when developing mandatory Saudi standards, except when these international standards or their related parts are ineffective or inappropriate due to their violation of Islamic law, climatic or geographical factors, or basic technical problems.
  2. SASO notifies World Trade Organization (WTO) with the draft of Saudi technical regulation and provides a period of time (60) days to receive any consultations from WTO member states, whereas SASO is the official notification body of the Kingdom for Saudi technical regulations and standards.
  3. After the draft of technical regulation is approved by SASO's Board of Directors, it shall be published in the Official Gazette (Umm Al-Qura) and the date of binding shall be determined.
  4. In case of any inquiry (for any Saudi technical regulation, Saudi standard, or conformity assessment procedures) from any state member in World Trade Organization (WTO), SASO shall answer all these inquiries as it is the official inquiry center in the Kingdom for the TBT agreement.

    Third: Steps for developing Saudi standards and technical regulations through technical teams:

    The same previous steps, except that the initial draft is developed by the technical teams and emanating work teams in Arabic and English. Then, the draft is announced (as indicated above), after which the draft is presented to the executive committee emanating from SASO's Board of Directors. In case of acceptance, the draft is referred to the Board of Directors for approval.​


Last modified 13 Jul 2020
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