Terms and conditions


Based on the resolution of the Board of Directors of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) No. (163) dated (24/4/1439) to activate (membership services), we would like to obtain a membership after the approval of the following items:

·         Term of membership

The term of membership is one calendar year starting from the date of acceptance of membership application by SASO.


·         Confidentiality

The member shall maintain the confidentiality of information obtained through the use of the membership, except in any of the following cases:

1-   If disclosure is required under the applicable regulation or other valid regulations in the Kingdom.

2-   If the member submits a request for disclosure to SASO and receives an approval in writing.

3-   If the information is classified as confidential by SASO.

·         Termination of membership

Membership is terminated by a decision issued by SASO for the following reasons:

1-   Termination of membership services and not receiving a renewal request before the expiry date.

2-   Suspending the activity of the member either by a decision issued by the same body or by a court order.

3-   Withdrawal of membership to breach the obligation of membership services regulations.​ 

·         General provisions

1-   Subscription costs are non-refundable after entry into force of membership services.

2-   Subscription period cannot be suspended by members.

3-   Members cannot transfer membership services to another party.​

Last modified 21 Jan 2020
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