Based on the Organization's statute, issuing Saudi standard specifications is one of the most important tasks and activities carried out by the Organization. Therefore, SASO aims to set up standards, terms and technical requirements that must be met in products and goods, in order to achieve the acceptable quality limit and to maintain the health and safety of the consumer.

      ​A standard specification is a document set up by general agreement and approved by a recognized body. It is presented for general and frequent use, and includes the rules, guidelines or characteristics related to the activities or their results in order to achieve the optimum degree of order and arrangement within a specific context.

SASO issues Saudi standards in the following fiel​ds: ​

  • Construction and building materials​ .
  • Chemical and petroleum products.
  • Electrical and electronic products.
  •  Mechanical and metal products.
  • Textile products.
  •  Metrology & Measurements.
  • Quality and Conformity Control.
  •  Information and Documentation.​

Last modified 19 Oct 2020
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