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Program Goals:
• Participation of SASO in social responsibility by training students and preparing them for the labor market.
• Contribution to drawing a positive image of SASO through participation in social activities.
• Taking advantage of distinguished students at the program to participate in the work of technical committees.

Target group:
Students of universities, colleges and institutes with scientific and technical specialties whose graduation requires a training project.

Program Contents:
• Introducing SASO, its tasks and activities.
• Introducing Saudi regulations and standards, their preparation methods and related technical committees.
• Introducing quality and related activities.
• Introducing conformity verification and related activities.
• Visiting laboratories and introducing their activities.
• Introducing the most important international and regional organizations  associated with SASO.
• Providing on- the- job- training at one of the administrations or branches according to the student's specialties or field of study.

•  At the end of the program, the trainee receives a certificate of completion from SASO.
•  When organizing training programs or workshops at SASO during the training period, the trainee is entitled to join one of them.

Admission requirements:
An official letter from the academic and educational authorities indicating their willingness to accept the training of the student at SASO.
The specialties of students shall be according to the specialties available for training at SASO.
To achieve the desired benefit of the program, the entire training period should be completed.
The student's cumulative GPA should not be less than 3.5 out of 5 or 2.8 out of

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Last modified 08 Jan 2020
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