Al-Kasabi Launches E-Committees System for Work of Technical Teams at SASO

30 Jun 2019

Al-Kasabi Launches E-Committees System for Work of Technical Teams at SASO



    His Excellency the Governor of Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), Dr. Saad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, inaugurated electronic committees' system for the work of technical teams at SASO, in a continuation of SASO's efforts to develop work mechanisms and raise the efficiency of teams concerned with the preparation and development of Saudi standards.    

    Dr. Al-Kasabi said that the technical teams that prepare and develop Saudi standards are concerned with shaping the future of standards in the Kingdom. They have a pivotal role in determining technical standards and requirements in many issues and areas that directly affect the growth and prosperity of national economy. He pointed out that standards are an essential pillar to overcome technical barriers to international trade.

        He pointed out that SASO works according to a strategic trend to adopt international standards as possible, taking into account their compliance with national requirements. Al-Kasabi clarified that this will help to facilitate the access of Saudi products to international markets and ensure that imported products meet Saudi requirements.

          Dr. Saad al-Kasabi called on heads and members of technical teams to intensify work so that the Kingdom, with its committees and technical teams, becomes actively effective in international trends in the field of standards, especially in technical issues related to the petrochemical sector and others.

        The Governor of SASO emphasized the role of the private sector and the importance of its participation in the work of technical teams, stressing that the process of applying Saudi standards will only succeed in real and active partnership with the private sector.  

        For his part, Mr. Tamis Al-Hammadi, Deputy Governor for Standards and Laboratories, said that this system comes to complete the processes of continuous development and updating within SASO. He pointed out that work has been hard and serious to find an electronic system that contributes to facilitating the work of technical teams and raising the quality and efficiency of work. Such system helps to facilitate communication among members of technical teams, exchange experience, and vote on standards' drafts.  

        It is noteworthy that SASO is keen to continuously activate the role of technical teams in the preparation of standards, in order to develop the process of preparing Saudi standards and technical regulations by providing equal opportunities for government, scientific, research and private sectors (i.e., factories and national companies) to participate in the work of technical teams that prepare standards for a certain topic. This makes it easier for those bodies to express their views on the topics of standards and discuss them in a constructive and objective way, in order to find satisfactory solutions that achieve a balance between the interests of these bodies and thus achieve the national interest.  

Mr. Tamis Al Hammadi, Deputy Governor of SASO for Standards and Laboratories

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