SASO's Governor Field Tour to a several Electrical and Electronic Products Factories in Riyadh

تاريخ 01 Apr 2021
His Excellency the Governor of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, Dr. Saad bin Othman Al-Kasabi, has visited a number of factories that manufactures electrical and electronic products. That is to inspect to what degree national industrial enterprises adhere to SASO's requirements and Saudi technical regulations in the field, as well as to address the challenges facing the industrial sector regarding this field.

The visit, in which a number of SASO's officials participated, included Al-Fanar factory for electrical products in addition to LG Electronics factory. The visit also involved inspection tours on production lines and meetings with these factories' officials and production technicians.

 On his part, the Governor of SASO confirmed that this tour comes in response to the sublime directives that maintain constant communication with national institutions and closely examine the challenges facing the national industry and the Saudi private sector. That is for the importance of Saudi private sector as one of the great national powers in the current stage to enhance the Kingdom's capabilities and continue the process of sustainable development.

 Dr. Saad Al-Kasabi also emphasized SASO's support for all factories and national facilities as a representation of our wise leadership's aspirations  in activating the role of the private sector, raising the quality of Saudi industry, and actively participating in "Made in Saudi" program recently launched by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.

The Governor of Saudi Standards confirmed SASO's commitment to establish constant communication with all beneficiaries of its services, work together in facing challenges, as well as developing the industry and national services in a way that represents the goals and aspirations of the Kingdom's wise leadership.

Last modified 10 Apr 2021
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