"SASO": Starting the Mandatory Application of the Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products

تاريخ 10 Apr 2017
4 governmental bodies are ready to implement the decision next Friday
"SASO": Starting the Mandatory Application of the Technical Regulation for Degradable Plastic Products

     Eng. Saud bin Rashid Al Askar, Deputy Governor of SASO, said that SASO, in cooperation with governmental bodies, will begin to prevent the importation and manufacture of plastic products in violation of the requirements of the Technical Regulation No. (M.A-156-16-03-03) of degradable plastic products approved by SASO's Board of Directors.

     He stressed that starting the mandatory application to implement the resolution on imported and local products in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and Investment, the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources, and Saudi Custom, as of 17 Rajab 1438 AH, corresponding to 14 April 2017, is as an initial phase.

     The Deputy Governor pointed out that the application of the second phase, including the circulation ban of those violating products in the local markets will start from 13 Muharram 1439 AH corresponding to 03 October 2017.

     Al Askar explained that an integrated methodology will be applied to all national factories as well as importers in order to verify the application of the regulation, which includes (16) products made of polypropylene and polyethylene, which are often used for short periods, including shopping bags, mail bags, deposit bags and post parcels, in addition to bags used in packaging bread, sweets and appliances, excluding plastic products used in medical and food industries.

     He emphasized that SASO was keen to set an appropriate period of time before the technical regulation enters the mandatory implementation phase in order to provide opportunity to all those who are concerned with applying the requirements of the regulation entirely. In this regard, SASO held (4) introductory workshops for manufacturers and importers to explain all the provisions of this regulation. SASO stressed that non - commitment to the regulation will expose the violator to penalties stipulated in the Anti- Commercial Fraud Law and other penalties.

     In addition, SASO offers the opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of plastic products wishing to register in the program without costs of order and license to use the logo, with a condition of registration before the mandatory application.

     Eng. Al Askar stated that the relevant authorities will undertake following up the mandatory  application of this regulation to ensure that non confirming products will not be leaked to the local market. It will be assured that manufacturers, suppliers and traders apply the standard specifications to imported and locally manufactured plastic products. Samples will be withdrawn to be tested and checked for their conformity with that regulation, while Saudi Custom will prevent importing products non confirming with the Regulation, as of April 14, 2017.

     SASO has provided a training program for a number of employees of the regulatory authorities,  on control mechanism of the degradable plastic products and how to detect them in the market directly through portable devices of high technology that will be provided at the beginning of the second phase.

     This step comes within the efforts of SASO in cooperation with various governmental bodies involved in the preparation and implementation of this regulation, in cooperation and coordination with the private sector, in order to reduce the environmental risks resulting from plastic products and monitor the factories to commit to the standards of environmentally friendly products.

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