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Usage a​nd Disclaimer​​​

Usage of SASO's Portal:

Saudi Standards Metrology and Quality Organization's Portal (hereinafter also referred to as SASO's portal or “the portal") is available for personal use. The access and use of this Portal are subject to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's applied laws. In addition, accessing this portal is considered an unconditional approval to the terms and conditions of usage whether you were a registered user, or not. This approval should be enforced as of the date of your first use of this Portal. As clarified on the Portal's vision and mission, one of its most prominent objectives is to increase outreach to the public and provide a various range of information and services that help enriching the Portal's visitors and explorers about SASO.

Usage of this Portal involves a number of terms and conditions that are constantly updated as may be required. Any amendment or update of these terms and items should be enforced immediately as soon as it is approved by the Portal's Administration. Therefore, you should review the Usage terms and Disclaimer principles constantly in order to know any update related to amendments, given that continuity of using this Portal means you have fully viewed and accepted any amendments made to the Portal's terms and items; bearing in mind that these terms and items involve intellectual property rights. Further, the Portal's Administration is not required to announce any updates made to these terms.​​

Restrictions on site use and protection:

Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) monitors data traffic to and from this site to ensure that the information and services provided are protected and accessible to all visitors, in order to protect this site and detect attempts to gain unauthorized access, or to alter or disable its contents. Additionally, the process of altering this site's contents, disrupting its access, or damaging the site in any way is illegal. According to the law (the Anti-Cybercrime Law) and the legal regulations and legislation adopted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, SASO has the right to take appropriate measures to protect information or prevent misuse of this site. SASO reserves the legal right to prosecute those responsible for such actions.

Portal links to and from SASO’s website:

  • Neither this portal nor any of its contents or any trademarks, logos, commercial or service symbols are associated with SASO.
  • Any link from any website that contains inappropriate, obscene, transgressive, obscene, pornographic, indecent, unacceptable, or illegal topics, names, materials, or information that violate any regulations or infringe any intellectual property rights may be stopped and obstructed by SASO.
  • We reserve the right to delete any links that have been created in an unauthorized manner and do not assume any responsibility for the contents of any other website that can be accessed through our site.
For the convenience of our visitors, we provide links to other portals and/or websites, but we are not responsible for the content or credibility of these portals or websites, or endorse their content, and therefore you must use these links to access those websites or portals at your own risk. Since we aim to replace the broken electronic links - which do not work - with other sites, we cannot ensure that these links will remain functional indefinitely because we do not have control over them.

Virus protection:

We are exerting all possible efforts to check and examine the contents of this Portal at every stage of the production, and we recommend that you always run an anti-virus program on all materials downloaded from the Internet since SASO is not held liable for any loss, disruption or damage to your data, computer or any device used for browsing, which may occur whilst connecting to this Portal or using material derived from this Portal. This sort of damage may happen during your connection to this Portal or when using material received from this Portal.​​

Limitation of liability:​​

The electronic services offered by the electronic Portal of SASO via the Internet and the information obtained in respect of various governmental departments and bodies are provided only to facilitate manual procedures. Having said that, you acknowledge your full awareness that internet communications may be interrupted or interception by third parties that this Portal does not replace the information available through official channels, and those applications and administrative procedures can still be performed directly before the competent body. Accordingly, resorting to this Portal remains at your own risk. In no event shall we be responsible for any kind of loss or damage that you may incur due to using, visiting, relying on any statement, opinion, or advertisement on the Portal, nor we are liable for what may result any delay in operation transmission, connection failure, Internet access difficulties, malfunctions in equipment or software, or the conduct or views of any person who access this Portal. Therefore, you hereby acknowledge and agree that your sole and exclusive way to repair any damage or loss that may occur resulted from your access or use of this Portal is to refrain or discontinue from using or accessing it.​

Intellectual Property Rights:

This portal is technically supervised by the Information Technology Department (IT). It is a department affiliated to Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). Saudi laws of publishing rights, copy, printing, intellectual property, trademarks, and other related legislation and regulations protect all the materials available on this portal, including graphics of information and software (contents).

One of the main objectives of the portal is to increase awareness and enrich the culture of the portal's users and visitors. Therefore, it is allowed only for personal and non-profit usage to benefit from the portal's content and any information published on it. It is necessary to refer that the portal of SASO is the source of that content and that information.

On the other hand, it is not allowed under any circumstances to sell, license, rent, modify, copy, re-print, download, advertise, transfer, distribute, publicly display, edit, or create works derived from any materials or contents from the portal to the public or for commercial purposes without obtaining a previous written approval from SASO.

Modify any contents of the portal is strictly banned. The graphics and images in this portal are protected by publishing rights, and it is not allowed to copy or exploit them in any way without a previous written approval from SASO. 

Claims and Compensation:

SASO portal, including the services, information, materials, and functions available in it or that can be accessed via the portal, is provided for your personal use "as available" without any approval, promises, or guarantees of any kind. We cannot guarantee or bear responsibility for any failures, errors, or inaccuracies that may occur from the use of this portal, its contents, or any website linked to it - whether with our knowledge or without it.

Based on that, when conducting any communications or sending any information via this portal, the user will not have the right to own it or the right to guarantee its confidentiality. Any interactive use included in this portal is not intended to guarantee to the user any rights or privileges of any kind. The waiver of SASO for any available right specified under these conditions in one of the places or occasions does not mean in any way an automatically and permanently waiver for any rights in other places and occasions.​

Therefore, you acknowledge not to take any action against SASO and release SASO of its responsibility, as well as any bodies, employees or agents who are responsible of managing, maintaining, updating, or providing SASO's portal with regard to all the commitments and responsibilities that may arise in terms of any claim occurring from any violation by the user of the terms and conditions of use or any of the laws in force, whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place you live in.

End of usage:

SASO is allowed in their assessment to terminate, restrict, or stop your right from accessing or using the portal without any notice and for any reason including the violation in items and terms of use or any other reasons that we considered, in our assessment, illegal or harmful for others. In this case, you will not be allowed to access this portal.

​Judicial reference:

You hereby agree to be subject exclusively to legal authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding all claims and disputes arising from using the portal. Note that Arabic will be the official language used to solve any disputes arising from your use of the portal or any of its contents.

General items and terms:

  • All available materials and information on the portal are non-profit and for raising-awareness goals.
  • The Arabic language is the official language in using the portal and utilizing from all its published materials. The translation of any of these materials aims to provide other service. Therefore, any dispute in explaining the contained content in the portal will not rely on the available translation.
  • ​​All laws and regulations published on the portal whether it is specific to SASO or to other bodies may be translated to explain its meanings in order to maximize the benefit. Hereby, you cannot rely on the specific explaining translation to extrapolate any information or details.
  • The portal encompasses a number of channels and tools of e-participation, such as forums, opinion polls, comments, blogs, voting system, visitors' comments, personal contributions, phone's massages, and free phone calls all the time. 
  •  Portal administration has set a number of criteria and restrictions on the use of all e-participation channels, which ensure achieving the highest benefit of e-participation principle. Therefore, your usage of these channels considered as permanent acceptance of these criteria and restrictions.
  • SASO has the full right to delete or not publish any comments or posts of the portal users when the administration considered them as inappropriate.
  • All criteria and restrictions on the use of e-participation channels can be accessed through this page.
  • In case o​​f inquiries about the terms of privacy and disclaimer, you can contact the portal administration via the contact form on Contact Us page.

Privacy principles and general rules for the protection of personal data

Personal data protection principles and general rules:

SASO portal ensures the confidentiality of users and visitors. All beneficiaries are provided with high quality service by the portal administration. As part of the terms and conditions of using SASO portal, the information described below is confidential and private.

Unless you specifically and voluntarily provide us with personal information, SASO does not collect any information about you when you visit its portal. Your information will be used only to fulfill your request for information or services within SASO's privacy policy, and by using this website; you agree that all information will remain confidential.

By reviewing the privacy and confidentiality policies regularly, portal visitors and beneficiaries can stay informed about any updates. Your use of the portal indicates you are informed and agree to these terms and principles and what is done to keep them up-to-date. Portal management is not required to announce any changes made to these terms and principles.

No direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exceptional damages are liable due to the use of or inability to use this portal by SASO.

Personal information security:

Information is protected against loss, misuse, unauthorized access, modification and unauthorized disclosure through appropriate procedures and measures.
We recommend the following steps to help visitors protect their personal information:
  • You should notify SASO immediately if you believe someone has accessed your personal information.
  • Neither over the phone nor online should you disclose any confidential information.
  • When conducting online transactions, use a secure browser and keep your antivirus software up to date.

Personal information collection:

SASO's server records your IP address, time and date of the visit, and the URL of any other website that referred you to SASO.
On most websites, a small text file called a "cookie" is placed on the hard drive of a visitor's browser. In addition to the user's browsing history, these cookies store the following data:
  1. Remember your username and password.
  2. Portal settings can be saved if they are available.
  3. Users can save their selected colors.
  4. The same user cannot cast multiple votes.
  • ​In addition, the site system may be able to detect a visitor's password using cookies, or it may prevent the user from repeating the voting process if voting already completed. In this regard, SASO portal will use the information contained in cookies for its own technical purposes when you visit it more than once, and it might change the information contained in cookies or add new information whenever you visit it.
  • When you apply directly or send us an e-mail through SASO portal, we may share your personal data with other departments or entities in order to assist you better, and we will not disclose any personal information about you to non-governmental entities except if it is an authorized body performing specific government functions. SASO retains, processes, and uses your personal data if you submit them through SASO portal. Any information we collect may be disclosed at any time to the relevant authorities depending on laws, regulations, or official requests.
  • It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information you submit is true, correct, and complete.

Privacy protection:

Please follow these steps to protect your personal information:
  • When you suspect that your password, usage code, password, or any other confidential information has been compromised, please contact us immediately.
  • Provide confidential information over the telephone or via the Internet only if you know the recipient's identity.
  • Keep your antivirus software up-to-date; use a secure browser when conducting online transactions, and close unused applications on the network.
  • For any questions or opinions regarding privacy principles, please contact the portal administration using the Contact Us form.
  • Our secure technology ensures the protection of your personal data when electronic storage and transmission take place.
  • Our portal may contain links to websites or portals that may protect data differently than we do, and we are not responsible for the content, methods or privacy of these other websites.


SASO will use your e-mail address to respond to any inquiry or request you make regarding a specific service or additional information you provide through electronic or non-electronic communication. For quality control purposes, as well as legal and regulatory compliance, we may save your email address and message.

Data sharing principles and general rules:

  • Publishable data is provided from the correct sources and is ensured not to be duplicated or conflicted.
  • By providing data, we aim to serve the public interest without compromising the activities of the entities, individual’s privacy, or environmental safety.
  • Data access by qualified and properly trained individuals.
  • All necessary information for data exchange is shared, including the required data, the purpose of its collection, the methods of transmission, the means of preservation, and the mechanisms for destroying it.
  • The data sharing agreement specifies security controls.
  • Regulations and legislation require appropriate security controls that protect and share data securely and reliably.
  • During the data sharing process, ethical practices are applied to ensure that the data is used in a fair and honest manner.​​​

Last modified 02 Oct 2022
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