Support and Calibration Quality

     The Department of Support and Calibration Quality is link between the center and the beneficiaries, as it is the department responsible for all transactions, correspondence and logistics for the center before, during and after the center's implementation of the required services. The tasks of the Support and Calibration Quality Department are to receive beneficiaries, respond to their requests and respond to their inquiries after showing them to the competent technical department. It is also responsible for submitting technical and financial offers, concluding calibration contracts, and coordinating the implementation of contracts according to the agreed schedule.

     The department seeks to improve the quality of the services provided by the center through continuous communication with the beneficiaries to inquire about the extent of their satisfaction with the services provided by the center. Any complaints received from the beneficiaries are received and submitted directly to the director general of the center with the knowing of the quality manager to resolve the inquiries and ensure that they are not repeated in the future as part of the continuous improvement steps to ensure quality performance and compliance with the requirements of the international standard (ISO / IEC 17025).

     ​The department also supervises the coordination of technical proficiency testing programs (in accordance with the requirements of ISO / IEC 17043) in cooperation with the specialized technical department of the center, for providing a mechanism for the kingdom's calibration laboratories to ensure their competence in carrying out calibration work in which they are accredited or in which they seek accreditation. The administration is implementing technical aptitude testing programs in the field of calibration, thermal thermometers and electrical measurements as a first stage, to be followed by other stages to include all fields of calibration to support the metrology infrastructure.


The tasks of the support and calibration quality department are:​

  1. Meeting customers' and providing them with the necessary services and dealing with their calibration requests “How to request calibration”
  2. Dealing with customers' calibration requests according to the "Calibration Request Form" and follow up referring them to the relevant department inside the laboratory and review the status of these requests until the calibration procedures are completed and notified the customers.
  3. Preparing the invoices for the calibration costs of customer requests and delivering them directly to the customer with specifying the time that the calibration takes, and taking the customer’s approval of those invoices before sending the devices and starting the calibration procedures for them.
  4. Meeting customers' and receiving the devices to be calibrated and assisting them in completing the forms for receiving the devices after being apparently examined by a technician from the concerned department in preparation for referring them to this section for calibration.
  5. Keeping devices before and after calibration with the Support Services Department to be received or delivered to the customer.
  6. Deliver the devices after their calibration with calibration certificates or measurement reports to the customer.
  7. Following up customer complaints and comments, and take necessary procedures to correct measurement and calibration errors.


Last modified 09 Nov 2020
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