Research and Studies Center

​Based on the tasks assigned to SASO related to conducting studies and research to ensure the suitability of the Saudi standard specifications and finding appropriate solutions that impede the application of quality. As well as, in belief in the importance of scientific research in developing and updating the Saudi standard specifications. SASO established a specialized center in the field of research and studies to prepare research and studies in cooperation with the technical departments of SASO and supervising research in order that SASO carries out its duties in all fields.

Center tasks:

  • Conducting specialized studies concerned with consumer service, awareness, and maintenance of health and safety.
  • Conducting studies and research on some commodities and products to serve the national industry in cooperation with the beneficiary companies and institutions, and developing appropriate solutions for that.
  • Conducting studies and research aimed at updating the approved Saudi standards specifications, technical regulations, and methods of testing them in line with the latest technologies.
  • Finding appropriate solutions for problems that may appear from time to time in some commodities and products.
  • Working on exchanging experiences by forming research teams from SASO and other bodies.

Services provided:​​​​​​​​

  • Supporting graduation projects.
  • Study research topics.

Scientific Research and Studies Abstracts:

To view the scientific research and studies abstracts, click (here​).

Last modified 30 May 2021
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