About Training Center

The Training Center of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) is one of the sources of reference knowledge in the field of quality infrastructure. Training is considered as science and industry of great importance in the advancement of the various institutions of society. The center presents a set of specialized professional training courses in accordance with scientific environment based on professionalism and transparency and ensures the improvement of the performance of employees and practitioners. The center provides all developments of industry and the best practices that are recognized globally to trainees. In order to provide the opportunity for all of those interested to benefit from its services in the field of training and qualifying, SASO established the center concerned with the field of training and qualifying according to the latest scientific methods, to serve all beneficiaries from inside and outside SASO.

The center provides a set of development programs and training services according to scientific foundations by the best experts and specialized trainers, in order to achieve the center's mission of "spreading and developing a culture of standardization and quality through distinguished programs for beneficiaries."

Last modified 14 Sep 2021
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