About the center

Driven by the Saudi Vision 2030 which aim to enhance traffic safety, reduce deaths and injuries resulting from traffic accidents and minimize its economic impact, State Leadership, may Allah support, sought to work on several aspects that will achieve these objectives. including the establishment of Vehicles Safety Center (VSC) in February 2021. VSC is organizationally affiliated to the Saudi Standards, Quality and Metrology Organization (SASO), and concerned with promoting the technical safety standards and provisions for vehicles to maintain lives and property, reduce injuries and minimize economic costs resulting from traffic accidents.

الرسالة.pngCenter Mission

Save lives and reduce injuries by ensuring the level of vehicles safety, adopting advanced technologies and raising awareness regarding vehicles safety.

الرؤية.pngCenter Vision​​​

Achieving the highest levels of vehicles safety in  KSA.

Last modified 22 Jun 2021
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