VSC Task

  1. Preparing VSC strategy, plans and policies related to vehicles safety, and following up implementing the necessary steps to achieve them with the concerned authorities.
  2. Taking part in updating the technical specifications, provisions and standards for the safety of vehicles and auto spare parts, and have them approved by the Authority.
  3. Issuing safety label for the new vehicles.
  4. Developing technical standards for the safety of modified vehicles, in partnership with the competent authorities.
  5. Adopting standards for auto spare parts, to ensure their safety and supervise the implementation of standards in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  6. Developing criteria for classification of vehicle maintenance and repair centers/workshop, defining their categories, creating one or more list of approved classifications, and registering and publishing lists upon request.
  7. Developing professional standards for practicing the profession of vehicle maintenance and licensing workers/technicians in the vehicles maintenance sector and classifying them according to regulations approved by the Authority's Board of Directors.
  8. Determining regulations for the safety of vehicles on the roads and write off the vehicles upon approval by the Authority's Board of Directors.
  9. Supporting research, international studies and comparisons, and coordinating with the relevant authorities in the Kingdom and abroad with regard to vehicles safety specifications.
  10. Exchanging expertise and experiences with entities similar to the VSC work, concluding agreements and contracts to provide its services inside and outside the Kingdom, and taking part in periodicals and scientific journals related to the VSC scope.
  11. Coordination and following-up with the concerned agencies regarding the implementation of plans and programs related to the regulation and safety of vehicles, and the organization of the efforts of government and private agencies in this field.
  12. Supporting, oversight and monitoring of the technical inspection bodies and any matter assigned to the VSC according to the scope of penalties and violations of the provisions of the law​ or regulations.​

Last modified 22 Jun 2021
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